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Story as a Service

Your best stories are in the field. Crowdstory can capture, analyze, create and publish these stories, using standardization to improve quality and efficiency in your storytelling.

Your customers know why they buy your products and services, and, for the most part, your sellers know why their customers buy from them. Unfortunately, these stories are lost in the field, stuck in the heads of your customers and sellers.

  • Shouldn't your marketing team learn from these stories why your customers buy to more accurately position your offerings, and to enhance collateral with real, anecdotal use cases?
  • Shouldn't all your sellers gain access to these stories, so they can use them as references to answer the inevitable question they receive all the time: "Can you tell me about others like me who bought what you're offering?"

Your customers want to hear your other customers' stories; why not share them?

Crowdstory has standardized the process to extract stories from the field. This ensures consistency in your storytelling. It also means we've improved the efficiency in extracting stories, which also lowers the per story cost.

Crowdstory Engagement Overview

A Crowdstory engagement can involve one to all of the following storytelling services:

Service Description
Story Capture Harvest the stories (data) from the field of:
  • Sellers,
  • Customers,
  • SMEs, and
  • Existing published stories
Story Analysis Analyze those stories:
  • Tag and discover patterns
  • Identify insights such as why customers are buying
Story Creation Package stories for internal and external education:
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Cloudbooks
  • eBooks
  • Printed Books
Story Publish Publish and promote those story back to the field:
  • Cloudbook app
  • Printed books
  • eBook intoiTunes app store and Amazon Kindle
  • Social media marketing

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Example Customers

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