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Precision IoT - Customized

Available in Paperback & Cloudbook Formats
Precision is also available to be customized to meet your company's specific needs in articulating your IoT story. Your custom version is then available to be printed or in the Cloudbook format.

Customization Options:
1. Add Your Logo and Message

  • Add your brand to the cover
  • Add your cover letter to page 2

2. Your Stories
Add your own IoT example story chapter(s) to Book 2: Solutions

  • You create the story(s), and/or
  • We create the story(s) for you

Download the Solution Overview

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Example Use Cases Description
External Event Giveaway
  • Customers, partners
  • Lead generation (by vertical, by location)
  • Conference booth
  • Sales kick-off
Gift of Appreciation
  • Seller to customers
  • Seller / Bus Dev to partners
  • Marketing to sellers
  • Marketing to prospects
  • Executives to employees
Internal Training
  • Executive IoT briefing
  • Lunch & learn
  • 1-day seminar
  • Inverted classroom
  • IoT training materials

Example Customers

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