Ken Hermann, Cloud Solution Manager

Ken is an IT professional with over 17 years of architecture, systems integration, application development and legacy systems modernization experience. As Solution Manager - Solutions & Cloud Services for Fujitsu Australia Limited he has provided pre-sales architectural advice and guidance to customers for the migration of their applications and data to the cloud, developed go to market strategies and implemented cloud solutions for Fujitsu and Microsoft Cloud platforms.

Why did you Like the books?
"The Cloud Computing Trilogy by Dr Timothy Chou provides a valuable insight into the "why", "how" and "what to watch out for" of Cloud computing for businesses. The story format and real-life examples clearly demonstrate the concepts for readers from Cloud beginners to those experienced in Cloud technology and economics. "

Who should read the books?
"I've been working in a Cloud strategy role for 5 years, and have attended speeches by Dr Chou, both in-person and online. The content and concepts presented in those illuminating speeches is reflected in the Cloud Computing Trilogy and is a must read for anyone travelling the path of Cloud Computing."

How would you use what you learned?
"I did enjoy the read, and in a lot of respects the content reminds me of why Cloud Computing is awesome and gives me great ammunition and stories to take to customer discussions!"

- Ken Hermann, Cloud Solution Manager, Fujitsu Australia Limited

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